Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tiny Trousers for Tubby Teddies

 One of the things I most admire about my daughter, Kim, is her brilliant ability to solve problems. She's an excellent knitter and yesterday I happened to mention that I would appreciate it if she could puzzle out how to knit some trousers for bears. The only little standing bear in the house is little Wee Much which I made several years ago. He kindly agreed to work with Kim as she designed the pants.

This was a bottom up operation as she started at the ankles. She discovered Wee Much has big feet!! The cuffs of the trousers have ribbing so will expand to allow him to take the garment on and off. Kim used double pointed needles which you can see surrounding Wee Much's right leg.

And those needles which resemble shish-ka-bob sticks followed him all the way up to the waist. Kim made a cute little draw string to allow the top to fit perfectly. These pants are meant for a kitty cat who hasn't been made yet, so I'm sure that ribbing and draw string will come in handy. If you have an odd size bear to fit and have questions, email me at the address in the right column and I'll put you in touch with my very talented Kim!!

And a final view- Wee Much received a sweater from Kim too!


Kays Kids said...

Yes I think she is a little girl. She is so sweet. Love the trousers.

Donna Griffin said...

You must be right Kay! She'll have a little dress instead of trousers! I'll tell Kim you like the trousers! Thanks for writing!!
Big hug to you!!!