Thursday, April 26, 2012

All Dressed Up!

 Here's our little girl all dressed up! AND as it turns out she LOVES hats! She has three - so far! Each time
I got one finished she would say - well, what about one with this color flower?
 Turns out she loves to pose for the camera too. Not only does she have all those hats, but a dainty little
crocheted purse which matches her dress  - which I made especially for her.
 She stands nicely all by herself at just under 4 inches tall. Her outfit is removable and she has five cotter
pin joints.
 Her dress is made with a lovely Lizbeth crochet thread in a color way called "Green Coral Sea." And
 her name?  Diana. Perfect for this little sweetie, I think.
 So, here's what we'll do. Should you wish to be part of the lottery drawing to be able to buy her, please
email me at with the subject: Adopt Diana and let me know. I will have a drawing on May day - May 1st, at 9 a.m. EDT. I will personally notify you if you are the lottery winner or if you are not. The adoption fee for Diana is $175 and shipping and insurance is free worldwide.
I will be glad to have a lay-a-way for the person who will be adopting  - just let me know at the time you
send an email!
I hope you love little Diana! I think she's pretty swell!


KittyAnn said...

She is so cute!! I love that you are going to do a lottery, that way everyone who desires a chance will have one!

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks Ani! I'm glad you like her and am glad to hear that you think this is a fair way to offer her! I am indebted to Joannie who wrote to me suggesting it.
Thanks so much for writing!

Kays Kids said...

What a delightful little girl. Her frock and hat's are so special. She really looks ready for spring.

Donna Griffin said...

Awwww thanks, Kay! I'm glad you like the outfit. She does love hats!!!
Mini hugs,

Hanni said...

So so cute!

Donna Griffin said...

Thank you so much Hanni! It's so nice of you to say!

Мария Должикова said...

So,wonderful girl!

Donna Griffin said...

Thank you! I am so glad you like this bear!!