Friday, July 15, 2011

Online Show Begins!

What a mad whirlwind! The online show began at 4 p.m. and 4 of my bears were gone within the first minutes. There were Paypal button problems and some were disappointed that the bear they were after had been taken. I am so very sorry! On top of that, my computer (should say computers as I was dashing from my PC to my MAC hoping one would load faster so that I could get to email, web page, and Paypal faster! Now I know how my husband and son feel when they say their computers are "so slow!" I hope everyone will visit the show and enjoy seeing all the wonderful bears up for adoption! By the way, my bears for the show, pictured above, are Little Sam, Antonio, Emma, Aurora, and Raphael. As of now, Aurora is the only one left in the show. She's a little different  - hand dyed rayon and is very fluffy! Click here to visit the show:  Aurora has been adopted today as well and will be on her way to California tomorrow! Thanks to everyone for the wonderful response to the show and to my bears!!

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