Thursday, March 18, 2010


And then there were more!! This is the flower bed to the left of my front door and the first daffodil has been joined by a crowd. Now if that isn't one cheerful sight! The best thing about these daffodils is that they are miniatures. They are about as wide as a half dollar and last for a very long time.
My kindergarten teacher (now you must realize that this was over 50 years ago) told me that a blue flower was very rare. Isn't it odd how certain things stick in your mind?? Anyway, whenever I see them (either flowers or bulbs) I add them to my collection. These lovely little blue flowers are in a pot to the right of my front door. I always choose blue pansies and blue iris are among my favorite flowers. They were the favorite of my grandfather, George Miner, who was partially color blind. He loved the blue iris because it was one of the only flowers that he could see in color.

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