Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mario and Sydney

Here's the last piece for the Winter Warmer BAO show. Mario and Sydney are a couple of chums named for my favorite Pittsburgh Penguin Hockey stars. Mario, in this case is the bear and young Sydney is the penguin. Mario is made from a wonderful South African mohair and Sydney is sculpted from polymer clay. They both have glass eyes. Mario's are black and Sydney has amber eyes. Mario is one of the Storybook bears and is about 10 inches tall. He wears an outfit of cotton with a fully lined wool jacket which has some hand embroidery. I've made everything including the pull toy that Sydney rides on. Please email me if you have questions about the online show or any of the pieces: http://www.donnaandthebears@aol.com/


Tina said...

Wow Donna. All your pieces are so lovely.
I bet they will be sold really quickly. And that little penguin is just so cute. I just love the outfit and all the extra accessories you use for all your bears. Best wishes for a great show. Many hugs, Tina

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks so much Tina! I wish great success to you as well. Your little ones are just darling - especially Figaro!! Hugs, Donna

Ruth said...

Donna , I LOVE all these pieces ... they bring on a thousand sighs ! So , so beautiful :0)I predict a stampede !
Mini Hugs , Ruth